MEFALLS #4 | Frozen Brook Falls | DJI Mavic Pro

Houston Brook Falls | Winter Pleasant RIdge, Maine
.25 | Easy

Good morning, good afternoon, or perhaps goodnight, Last summer Mrs. Goat got me a Phantom 4 as an early Christmas present. She wanted me to have the time to learn to fly it before winter set in. The first subject that I really tried to capture was Houston Brook Falls. I honestly wasn’t a confident

Maine 4K’s | Saddleback & The Horn | Windy, Cold, and Beautiful

Saddleback and The Horn Rangeley, Maine
7 miles | Advanced

This was my first trip back into the mountains after taking much of the summer off. Not going to lie to you, my legs did not appreciate hiking up the ski trails at Saddleback. This was also my first time hiking up a mountain via ski trails. I won’t say I prefer ski trails over

Beehive | Acadia National Park | Autumn in Maine

Beehive Trail Acadia National Park, Maine
2 | Moderate

(psst… This picture… the one right up there ^^^… it’s interactive. Go ahead… click and spin… we dare ya) These are the days that we live for. The weather was warm. The autumn colors were warmer. We were in Acadia National Park. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to ascend the Beehive trail.