Beehive | Acadia National Park | Autumn in Maine

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Beehive Trail Acadia National Park, Maine
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(psst… This picture… the one right up there ^^^… it’s interactive. Go ahead… click and spin… we dare ya)

These are the days that we live for.

The weather was warm.
The autumn colors were warmer.
We were in Acadia National Park.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to ascend the Beehive trail. The loop was only about 2 miles long but it goes straight up over the cliff face which requires some iron rung climbing and some steady feet. CrafyCari and Zombie girl were along for the ride.

Crafty was pretty miserable when we told her we were going hiking. This is the usual routine: she get’s all upset and pouty the night before and the morning of a hike. Once we actually get on the trail however she finds her optimism and has a great time. This trip was a little different however. This time she was ecstatic when she found out we had to really climb and not just walk in the woods. After every bend and every ledge we climbed up I had all I could do to keep her from running around the corner trying to find the next bunch of bars we would get to climb. It was a happy and proud moment for this guy.

Also, I’ve started taking some street view photos from the summits of places I/we hike. This is the first one that is getting published. It’s pretty neat and with any luck I’ve figured out how to embed it below (or maybe above, I don’t really know where it’s going to end up).

Acadia National Park is an amazing place to visit. If you ever find yourself with an opportunity to visit don’t pass on it lightly. In the fall, however, it’s downright magical.

Happy Trails,