Maine 4K’s | Redington & The Crockers | Autumn to Winter and Back Bushwhack Hike

Mount Redington and the Crockers Carrabassett Valley, Maine
12.1 | Advanced

Amazing is as amazing does… This was filmed last year… yeah, I’m a little behind. Anyway, this was filmed on a cool October morning. Foliage was at it’s peak in the valleys and winter was just beginning up in the mountains. This created such a cool contrast for the entire day. Looking ahead at the

Maine 4K’s | Sugarloaf & Spaulding Mountains | Night Hiking & Injured Hiker

Sugarloaf and Spaulding Mountains Carrabassett Valley, Western Maine
10.5 | Strenuous

This was a great adventure. Having the three of us on the mountain, with the same senses of humor, made this something excellent. The hike itself is tough but the views are equally rewarding. There isn’t a ton to add to this one outside of what you see in the video. SpAcEkAcE made a full

MEFALLS #3 | Smalls Falls | Phantom 4

Smalls Falls Rangeley, Maine
.25 | Easy

Before I get started, let me thank the young ladies and gentleman that let me take some video while they were cliff jumping. I didn’t get all the footage into the final video; if you would like a copy of the video you’re featured in please shoot me an email to and I’ll get