Should’ve Brought the Snowshoes | Winter Hammock Camping in Northern Maine

Big Moose Pond Greenville, Maine
4 Miles | Easy

Some men design rockets that send satellites into space and then land themselves. Some men write search algorithms which are so good at finding the desired information the company’s name becomes a verb. Some men discover laws of nature to further mankind. One man took the snowshoes out of the barn… One man put them

Working the Bucket List | Swimming with Sharks

Working the Bucket List | Swimming with Sharks

There are lots of stories out there about missed opportunities. This is not one of them. Ever since Mrs. Goat was a little girl she’s always wanted to swim with sharks. Anyone who knows Mrs. Goat can unquestionably confirm this to be true. We’ve talked about making the trip many times over the years but

SpaceX CRS-10 Falcon 9 Launch!

SpaceX CRS-10 Falcon 9 Launch Cape Canaveral, Florida

This is a quick video of the recent Falcon 9 launch from Kennedy Space Center LC-39A. Launch Complex 39A is the same pad that launched the Apollo moon missions and all of the STS Shuttle missions. A lot of history has gone down on this patch of land. We were lucky enough to watch the