Should’ve Brought the Snowshoes | Winter Hammock Camping in Northern Maine

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Big Moose Pond Greenville, Maine
4 Miles | Easy

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Some men design rockets that send satellites into space and then land themselves. Some men write search algorithms which are so good at finding the desired information the company’s name becomes a verb. Some men discover laws of nature to further mankind.

One man took the snowshoes out of the barn…
One man put them on the backseat of my truck…
One man drove for a couple hours through snow-covered landscapes…

…then, decided he didn’t need the snowshoes and left them in the truck and hit the trail.

I am one of these men.

Overall this was a fun trip. Just a quick overnighter to get out into the woods and recharge the batteries a bit. Temps overnight dropped into the mid 20’s – this isn’t as cold as I wanted it to be but it was still a good “gear proving” night. I managed to record the entire camp setup which I’ve been trying to do for a while now.

Mrs. Goat and I are going back this coming weekend now that the snow is gone and the temps have warmed up a bit. It’ll be a neat contrast to visit the area within a couple weeks and have the environment be completely different.

Happy Trails,