SpaceX CRS-10 Falcon 9 Launch!

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SpaceX CRS-10 Falcon 9 Launch Cape Canaveral, Florida

This is a quick video of the recent Falcon 9 launch from Kennedy Space Center LC-39A. Launch Complex 39A is the same pad that launched the Apollo moon missions and all of the STS Shuttle missions. A lot of history has gone down on this patch of land.

We were lucky enough to watch the launch from the Saturn V building at KSC. The launch was initially scheduled for Saturday the 18th but was scrubbed at T-13 by Elon Musk himself. Luckily, we were in the area for a couple more days so we scored some tickets for launch attempt #2 on Sunday the 19th.

It was a fairly overcast day and a small rain cloud moved over the Saturn V building to the launch pad. With only about 30 minutes to lift off it looked like they were going to scrub a second launch but luck was on our side and the Falcon 9 delivered the Dragon capsule to orbit for the ISS.

This video isn’t the best video of the launch itself per se (high quality official SpaceX footage linked in the video description). However, this does give a sense of what it’s like to attend the launch. It was incredible! If you’re ever given an opportunity to see a launch I can’t recommend it enough.

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