MEFALLS #2 | Mosher Hill Falls | Phantom 4

Mosher Hill Falls Farmington, ME
.25 | Easy

This was filmed very quickly one Sunday morning as we were headed out of town for the day. The sun hadn’t quite fully come through the gorge so lighting was a bit sub-optimal. However, we were still able to get some good shots of Mosher Hill Falls. We’re still in a bit of a drought

MEFALLS #1 | Houston Brook Falls | Phantom 4

Houston Brook Falls Pleasant Ridge, ME
.25 | Easy

So much fun! The lovely MotherGoat gave me an early Christmas gift and I took it out flying to make this video. I’m not quite sure what to say about the Phantom 4 other than it’s fricken amazing and a metric shit-ton of fun! This was my first real attempt at flying while trying to

Mt. Champlain via Precipice Trail

Precipice Trail Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
4.4 MIles | Advanced

Finally got the template! MammaGoat just finished up with the custom post template for the site. Well done MammaGoat! The Precipice trail is simply awesome. As you can can see in the video it’s a near vertical climb up many iron rungs and ladders. The views of the ocean are incredible and plentiful. This is