MEFALLS #1 | Houston Brook Falls | Phantom 4

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Houston Brook Falls Pleasant Ridge, ME
.25 | Easy

So much fun!

The lovely MotherGoat gave me an early Christmas gift and I took it out flying to make this video. I’m not quite sure what to say about the Phantom 4 other than it’s fricken amazing and a metric shit-ton of fun!

This was my first real attempt at flying while trying to capture video of something. There were some very strong wind gusts, trees, and of course, plenty of water to make flying tricky and nerve racking. Overall I think it went well for a first filming-flight. I’ve got a lot to learn about piloting the Phantom and capturing proper video but I’ll keep at it.

I’m going to start a new series called “MEFALLS” (MainE WaterFALLS). Maine is full of great waterfalls begging to visited and filmed. I don’t have a schedule put together yet on when I plan to put out MEFALLS videos. I had planned on getting a video out at least once per month but I failed this last month. Thankfully, day-trip MEFALLS videos go through the editing process fairly quickly. I’m going to try to keep the time between filming and editing to a minimum.

I plan on taking this out on some hikes later this fall to see what I can capture. I know I’m a bit behind at the moment with getting videos out – I apologize to those of you waiting on new content. Life, as it has a habit of doing, got in the way of editing. However, I should be good to go to get new content posted in the coming weeks. I still have a number of trips from last year that I haven’t edited, as well as a few from this spring.

Happy trails,